Change creates growth.

Introducing the EcoBox.


Farm inside of a shipping container.

Instead of being dependent on the geographical location and outside climate, the EcoBox uses a soil-less growing system where plants get their nutrition from water and light energy from optimized powerfoul LEDs. This means it gets to grow food no matter the outside conditions, in every possible location.


By using the vertical plane, we get to drastically increase food cultivation density.

Our custom made growing shelves are equipped with state of the art LED lighting and a fully automated irrigation system that helps grow crops 30% faster than regular farms.

What grows inside?

We are market leaders when it comes do developing systems able to grow multi-crop systems. Thanks to our technology we are able to grow three seperate crop types while holding efficiency and quallity standards.


We grow it all!
Leafy greens, fodder and microgreens.

Basil, kale, mint, mustard greens, wheat grass, lettuce are only some of the +500 crops the EcoBox can grow.


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